Morning Reads: Electric Car Chargers, NYCHA Evictions Ruling, Top Chinese Restaurants

The Lower East Side is getting one of two fast 480 volt chargers as part of Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to make New York a leader in the use of electric cars (NYT).

The New York Court of Appeals rules that NYCHA can evict tenants who lie about their income (Post).

Sheldon Silver jumps on the Obama bandwagon, raises his minimum wage proposal to $9/hour (Daily News).

The controversial new 7-Eleven on Avenue A is missing one thing: an owner (EV Grieve).

NYC 1993, the New Museum’s new exhibition, does justice to an era but, in one respect, is too timid (NYT).

Mission Chinese owner Danny Bowien declares his restaurant is over-hyped (The Daily Meal).

Manhattan’s Chinatown is well represented among the “top 10″ Chinese restaurants in New York (Village Voice).