LES Businesses Awarded Sandy Recovery Grants

Delicate Raymond, 73A Orchard Street.

Back in November, the Lower East Side BID held a benefit for businesses hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.  This week the BID announced the recipients of recovery grants made possible through the program.  $10,000 was raised during the fundraiser, held at the DL restaurant on Ludlow Street.  The recipients are: Saxelby Cheesemongers, Goodfellas, Congee Village, Georgia’s Eastside BBQ, Melt Bakery, Boubouki, Heritage Meats, Delicate Raymond Jewelry Bar and The Living Room. A news release from the BID stated that the “selection process was based on objective a set of evaluation criteria.”  Bob Zuckerman, the organization’s executive director, said “Sandy caused many businesses to suffer in myriad ways… We know that every little bit counts which is what encouraged our creation of the Sandy relief grant fund.”

1 comment to LES Businesses Awarded Sandy Recovery Grants

  • Curious how Goodfellas got on this list. They’ve only been in the neighborhood for a short time. I am not aware of the criteria but I’d think that there were more deserving businesses who need the assistance.