Lower East Side Bars Targeted in Recent Raids

Tammany Hall, 152 Orchard.

Police and other city and state officials were out in force on the Lower East Side last night, inspecting several nightlife venues for possible violations.  Tammany Hall (152 Orchard), Boss Tweeds (115 Essex), Leftfield (87 Ludlow), The Suffolk (107 Suffolk), Fat Baby (112 Rivington), La Caverna (122 Rivington) and Recoup Lounge (210 Rivington) were all targeted.

The raids were part of an initiative known as the Multi-Agency Response to Community Hotspots (MARCH), in which the NYPD, State Liquor Authority, Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Health and Department of Buildings pay periodic visits to nightlife establishments that have been the subject of complaints.  The task force was created by the Giuliani administration following the tragic Happy Land fire in 1990.  Mayor Bloomberg has stepped up use of the raids.