“NYC 1993: Experimental Jet Set…” Opens at New Museum

Felix Gonzales – Torres Untitled (Couple). Photo by Tim Schreier.

The New Museum opened its latest exhibition last night, NYC 1993: Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star, and I can’t stop thinking about it. Not because of the individual art works—although there are many interesting and compelling pieces in the show–but because of the way they work together to capture a particular time and place.

75 artists are represented in NYC 1993, which fills every nook and cranny of all five of the museum’s exhibition floors, as well as its space at 231 Bowery—a first for the museum.

Op/Ed: Time to Reactivate Stanton Street Park Building

Sara D. Roosevelt Park at Stanton Street.

The following article was written by Lower East Side resident K. Webster:

In a time of diminishing resources we must rethink how we allocate the ones we have.  Community resources such as the numerous park buildings that dot the Lower East Side must be returned to active neighborhood use. We can no longer afford to have these buildings used for storage or sit neglected as empty space. The Stanton Street building in Sara D. Roosevelt (SDR) Park was once a bustling youth center. We need it back.

Affordable spaces are vanishing. With the ongoing collapse of structural support for vulnerable youth, elders, and working people, the need for access to publicly owned sites in densely populated, low-income neighborhoods is clear. And, as Hurricane Sandy made evident, we are in desperate need of hubs from which to catalyze self-help efforts to take on climate change locally.

Afternoon Reads: Affordable Housing Report, Velazquez’s New Challenger, Street Hockey Devotees

We didn’t get a chance to post morning news links so here you go… better late than never!

A new report finds that affordable housing in New York is not all that affordable, and it’s concentrated in just a few areas, including the Lower East Side (NYT).

Attorney Jeff Kurzon is challenging U.S. Rep. Nydia Velazquez (Politicker).

The new Bishop of Camden receives some impressive support from St. Teresa Parish on the LES (Catholic Star Herald).

Is El Sombrero closing? Not yet but it’s not looking good (Jeremiah).

Penny Arcade celebrates 13 years of documenting an endangered species, the Lower East Side artist (Capital).

Checking out some fierce street hockey action in Tanahey Park (NYT).


CB3 Looks to Support Landmarking of Seward Park Library

Seward Park Library. Photo via Flickr – wallyg.

Here’s a last minute reminder about tonight’s CB3 landmarks subcommittee hearing.  Among the items on the agenda, a resolution in support of landmark designation for the Seward Park Library, 192 East Broadway.

The 1909, 5-story limestone Renaissance-inspired building was one of 67 branch libraries funded by industrialist Andrew Carnegie. In her book, The Lower East Side Remembered and Revisited, Joyce Mendelsohn notes that Leon Trotsky spent time at the library when he visited New York in 1917.  The Landmarks Commission announced late last year it would schedule a public hearing on the library application, but there’s no date yet.  It’s not expected to be a controversial item, but a supportive resolution from the community board always helps.

Also on the agenda tonight, proposals for renovations at 117 2nd Avenue and a restoration at Middle Collegiate Church, 50 East 7th Street.  The meeting takes place at the BRC Senior Center, 30 Delancey Street, beginning at 6:30 p.m. More info available on CB3’s web site.


Street Art to Begin Your Valentine’s Day

Photos by Wayne Rada.

Vandalog sent along these photos from Mulberry Street.  Here’s a Valentine’s Day project from Bishop203.  There are two pieces, one at Mulberry and Hester streets and the other at Mulberry and Grand.

Good Morning!

Wintertime, high above Essex and Canal streets. Photo by Nancy Linn.

Happy Valentine’s Day.  Looks like a pretty nice forecast for mid-February — partly cloudy with a high of 45.