Sugar Cafe on Allen Street Shuttered by Health Department (Updated 2/1 1:16 p.m.)

This afternoon Sugar Cafe, 200 Allen Street (East Houston) was shut down by the New York City Health Department.  The restaurant was pretty much cleared out when we walked by a few moments ago.


One worker was inside sweeping the floors. The Health Department report has not been posted online as of yet.   Sugar has done well in its inspections during the past couple of years.  In the most recent report, in July of last year, the cafe received only 12 violation points.

UPDATED 2/1 1:16 p.m. The DOH web site still has not been updated, but we heard from Sugar Cafe owner Joe Dvir a short time ago.  He reports that the Health Department re-inspected the restaurant this morning, this Sugar passed and has now reopened for business.