Cyclist Struck on Grand Street at Clinton

A cyclist was struck by a taxi at the intersection of Grand and Clinton streets shortly after midnight Thursday night.

Just after midnight Thursday night, a taxi traveling westbound on Grand Street struck a cyclist at the intersection with Clinton Street. Police officers, firefighters and paramedics responding to the scene found a man sprawled out on his back in the road just outside the crosswalk, with his crunched bike on its side a few feet away and shopping bags and parcels scattered across the pavement.

The driver of the taxi stood by, with the taxi parked in the middle of the intersection, as rescue workers attended to the cyclist, who appeared to be alive but unconscious. He was loaded onto a backboard and put into a waiting ambulance as police officers interviewed witnesses and fire trucks blocked traffic.

1 comment to Cyclist Struck on Grand Street at Clinton

  • Sad, but can’t condemn the taxi driver before we know the whole story. Last night we almost hit a cyclist who passed a red light and was going right down the middle of the street where turns are made. What an idiot.