Speaker Silver Releases Statement Calling Con Ed Delays “Unacceptable”

State Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver is out with a press release and a letter to the CEO of Con Ed, calling the utility’s delays on restoring steam heat unacceptable.  Here is his statement:

I understand that we have suffered an unprecedented storm and extensive damage. However, it is unacceptable that so many New Yorkers, including my Lower Manhattan neighbors, are still without heat and hot water a week and a half after Hurricane Sandy hit. Con Edison must prioritize residential buildings when it comes to restoring steam heat. This is an essential service and we cannot allow our residents, particularly our families and our seniors, to suffer any longer.

You can read the full text of the letter here.



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  • Clinton St.

    Thank you!!! We’re still w/o heat and hot water and it’s November 9th!!!!!! Please keep the pressure on these Con-Ed knuckleheads.