Exposing Youth to Reel Life

City kids involved in Youth Made Media learn videography and software skills.

Our friends at the City Parks Foundation sent over some pictures of a program they held at Hamilton Fish Recreation Center last week. Youth Made Media (YM2) teaches 350 teenagers age 13 to 19 from low-income communities in all five boroughs skills such as video and audio production, media literacy and new media. The students create movies, documentaries and narratives, as well as explore careers and workplaces.

Weekend Events: Have Fun, Support Sandy Recovery

In addition to dining out at local eateries this weekend, there are plenty of other easy, fun things to do (art exhibits, movies, shopping, gardening) while also boosting a variety of Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. We’ve listed a few here; write us at tips@thelodownny.com or Tweet us @lodownny if you know of others we should add.

JP’s Food Adventures: Talking Turkey

Heritage breed turkeys include the Bourbon Red. Photo courtesy of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared in the November issue of our print magazine.

Thanksgiving is a uniquely Anglo-American holiday. We celebrate the early English colonists’ accumulation of enough food to make it through a Yankee winter by gathering the family and overeating, often while watching our homespun bastardization of rugby on television. Mythology surrounding the day even suggests a chummy relationship between the heathen savages and the witch-burning fundamentalists bringing civilization to them. Rule, Britannia!

Of course the specifics of what we’re eating while counting our blessings are pure New World: cranberries, yams, winter squash and of course, turkey – the bird Ben Franklin unsuccessfully proposed for our national symbol. Franklin would hardly recognize the birds that end up on our Thanksgiving tables. They bear little resemblance to their gunmetal-blue cousins running around our Northeast woods.

Weekend Assignment: Eat & Drink in the Neighborhood

Katz’s: Feeding locals, celebrities and tourists since 1888. They stayed open through Hurricane Irene last year, and Hurricane Sandy this year. You know you want some.

OK, so. It’s Friday morning on the Lower East Side, and we know darn well you New Yorkers aren’t cooking at home every single meal this weekend. There’s been a lot of chatter about supporting our local restaurants here in the neighborhoods briefly known as SoPo (South of Power). Local media, including The Lo-Down, have preached it, published it, promoted it. There’s even a Twitter hashtag, #EatDownTipUp. And if anyone living below 14th Street hasn’t yet read the compelling essay New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells wrote 10 days ago, “Why Downtown Needs Diners Now,” well, it’s worth five minutes of your time.

Monday marks three weeks since Hurricane Sandy came to visit; it’s time to stop talking and put your money where your mouth is.

Morning Reads: Chinatown’s Post-Storm Struggles, Food Stamps Still Hard to Use, Watch Sandy Flood PATH

  • Chinatown merchants and restaurateurs vent their frustration with losses from Sandy, citing economic challenges that predated the storm. (Villager)
  • Nearly three weeks after the power went out, many local merchants still can’t process purchases made with food stamps due to technical issues. (The Local)
  • Readers weigh in with early reviews of the new Union Market on East Houston Street. (EVGrieve)
  • In case you were wondering what it was like inside the PATH stations when Sandy’s storm surge rushed in, there’s video online now. (YouTube/PATH)

Good Morning!

Orchard Street, looking north from Grand Street.

Today’s weather features highs around 50 degrees and lows in the high 30s. Look for similar patterns through the weekend, with clear skies tomorrow and a few clouds on Sunday. Stay in touch and enjoy your weekend!

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