Health Department Closes El Castillo De Jagua on Grand Street

El Castillo de Jagua, 521 Grand Street.

El Castillo, de Jagua, the Dominican restaurant at 521 Grand Street, was shuttered by the Department of Health yesterday.  A yellow notice on the window this afternoon reads, “Closed by Order of the Commissioner of Health and Mental Hygiene.”  There’s no indication of the closure on the Department of Health’s web site. Sometimes it takes a day or two for the online database to be updated.  El Castillo has received “A” letter grades in previous inspections. The restaurant’s other location at 113 Rivington remains open.

It’s been a tough few weeks for restaurants at the eastern end of Grand Street. On July 25, the health Department closed Wing Hing, a Chinese takeout counter,  at 511 Grand Street.  The restaurant received 48 violation points

UPDATE 8/19 10:25 a.m. The Health Department has now posted the results of El Castillo’s August 17 inspection.  The restaurant received 38 violation points. Among the issues noted in the report: “live roaches present… flies present… food not protected (from potential contamination sources)… facility not vermin proof.”

Editor’s note: El Castillo reopened on Aug. 21, 2012. See an update here.


7 comments to Health Department Closes El Castillo De Jagua on Grand Street

  • Mark

    Great place in the neighborhood.

  • bethesdagirl

    We’ve only eaten there once (we certainly enjoyed it) – but it’s really surprising and strange that they went from a consistent “A” to being *closed*.

  • david

    City vampires eating their own again. Nobody was dropping dead eating there.

  • judy

    This is sowing what you reap. How many times did they serve me burnt oatmeal as take out. How many times did they scrimp on their “carne guisado”. and how many times did they serve substandard stuff. What about the rudeness and indifference of their wait staff or counter person. Hope they open up to better “spanish” food and better attidtudes. JMM on grand st.

  • judy

    no it was not always consistent a. they first had
    grade pending”

  • judy

    the sister restaurant on Rivington Street is better.

  • fipper

    i agree. their food is definitely sub-par and sometimes they charge a higher price depending on who’s ordering. my boyfriend who’s spanish, ordered a rice and beans and it was $4.00. i’m asian and went in there one night when i was starving and needed something quick so i ordered the rice and beans and they charged me $5.50. Never ordered there again after that; they’d lost a valuable customer just to make an extra $1.50. my favorite is the other spanish restaurant on rivington – Cibao (diagnally across from el castillo).