Breaking: Man Stabbed at 250 Clinton Street

There’s more violence to report this morning. A man was rushed to Bellevue Hospital after being stabbed.  The incident happened around 6 a.m., at the LaGuardia public housing complex, 250 Clinton Street (near Cherry).

The victim is expected to survive.  No suspect is in custody, but police are on the scene.

More to come…

3 comments to Breaking: Man Stabbed at 250 Clinton Street

  • MS

    I can’t wait for 450 more low income housing units at SPURA.

  • micah

    Most are going to be middle and moderate income or senior housing (relatively few of the 450 will be flat out low income housing units), and they’ll be interspersed with the market rate tenants. 

    I’m not aware of problems with violence at other mixed income developments around the city.  You’re correct, however, that it’s a good thing that SPURA is NOT going to be 100% low income, because the prevailing wisdom these days seems to be that the concentration/ghettoizing of poverty is what breeds problems.

  • Ecolon76

    Problems happen everywhere and although you may not know this not everyone in housing is a problem….people get stabbed in the suburbs as well some of us have loved here all or lives long before it was a trendy neighborhood.