Morning Reads: John Liu Defends Campaign, Shark Fin Soup Controversy, Nightmare Apartment

  • John Liu defends his campaign organization’s fundraising practices (Post).
  • As we noted yesterday, Sheldon Silver wants to restore “member items” to the state budget; the governor is not on board and “good government” types are also opposed (WABC).
  • “Here’s what happens when you order a $65 bowl of shark fin soup” in Chinatown (Business Insider).
  • Chinatown horror story: nightmare apartment doubles as gambling den (Business Insider).
  • Is Chinatown Fair really reopening? (Kotaku)
  • Neon signs from Jade Mountain, the defunct 2nd Avenue restaurant, have been salvaged (Jeremiah).
  • Seaport resident Barbara Mensch has documented her changing neighborhood; now another change has blocked her view of the Brooklyn Bridge (NYT).