CB3 March Liquor Docket: Ludlow Manor Returns For More Punishment

Ludlow Manor, 95 Delancey Street. Photo credit: Grub Street.

Community Board 3 is out with the agenda for next month’s meeting of its liquor licensing committee.   The March 19th shindig should be an interesting one.

First off, the beleaguered Ludlow Manor will be back before the board once again in their quest to expand their liquor permit to the second and third floors of 93 Ludlow/95 Delancey. As we have reported, both the State Liquor Authority and CB3 have been less than receptive to past overtures from this bunch.  You can read about the whole saga here.

JP’s Food Adventures: Roast Pig in Chinatown

Photo by Cynthia Lamb.

(Today’s column was originally published in September of last year)

Like many New Yorkers, I take pride in having a list of “off the beaten track” food establishments I hit on a regular basis. This is practically a cliché: it seems like every old schooler knows where to find what they consider “the best,” whether it’s pizza, bagels, cannolis, pickles, Italian sausages, burgers or perogies. Younger folks’ lists include items such as tacos, ramen, banh mi and soup dumplings. When pressed, some of us will even admit that we “discovered” many of our favorite places on a friend’s recommendation.

In that spirit I decided to check in with my buddy Peter Ho this week. Peter is an ardent food adventurer; a man after my own heart who has tipped me off to a number of neighborhood places over the years. He’s also a regular at Clandestino (the bar at 35 Canal Street), often bringing samples of his latest discoveries to share with patrons and staff. I figured it would be fun to ambush him there, ply him with a glass of wine and share his latest enthusiasms.

CB3 Approves Plan For Forsyth Plaza Park

Architectural renderings: NYC DOT.

Last night, Community Board 3 signed off on the city’s plan to turn Forsyth Plaza, the triangle adjacent to the Manhattan Bridge, into a public park.  The proposal now goes to the Public design Commission for final approval. Click through for images from the Department of Transportation’s presentation to a CB3 committee earlier this month. 

Scorsese and the City Come to the Heritage Film Series

Scorsese interviewing his parents at their home on Elizabeth Street, in the film "Italianamerican."

This month’s installment of the always fascinating LES Heritage Film Series will include film legend Martin Scorsese interviewing his parents in Italianamerican (1974, 26 min., 16mm).  Scorsese visits with them in their home on Elizabeth Street while they are preparing dinner.  His parents (who are both apparently very good story-tellers) open up about their experience as Italian-American immigrants, and reminiscence about the Scorsese family in Sicily.

Also screening: City of Contrasts (1931, 28 min., 16mm) by Irving Browning. The film features images from New York City during the Depression, “exploring roof-top luxury as well as street-level reality.”

City Gives Newsstand Operator One More Month at 18 Bowery

Marilyn Louie's newsstand has been located at 18 Bowery for 35 years.

Newsstand operator Marilyn Louie took her battle against City Hall to Community Board 3 last night.  She won the board’s support in the form of a resolution urging bureaucrats to reverse a decision forcing the relocation of a newsstand that has stood at 18 Bowery (Pell Street) for 35 years.

Louie got more good news yesterday, as the Department of Consumer Affairs agreed to give her a one month extension to find an alternative location.  It’s the second extension Louie has received since CB3 and City Councilmember Margaret Chin began advocating on her behalf.  In response to our inquiries yesterday, a spokesperson for Consumer Affairs said, “the city continues to work with Marilyn Louie to find a solution that is consistent with siting criteria.”

Delancey Underground Raises $60,000 in One Week

One week ago, the founders of The Delancey Underground launched a Kickstarter campaign in support of their dream of building a park in an abandoned trolley station below the Lower East Side.  So far it’s been remarkably successful.  With more than a month to go, $60,000 of the $100,000 needed to stage a large-scale demo in the Essex Street Market has already been raised.

A couple of days ago Delancey Underground co-creator Dan Barasch acknowledged there have been some sizable donations from big backers. But he added that lots of small contributions (many just $1) have rolled in.  There were 900 Kickstarter supporters as of midday today.

Boo Hooray Gallery Celebrates Counterculture Icon Ed Sanders

When I first spoke with Ed Sanders,  Fugs co-founder and Lower East Side royalty, for Interview Magazine, he expanded my mind. His perspective on the neighborhood I had grown up in shaped my own point-of-view, adding a psychedelic, violent, richly artistic layer to the streets I remembered from my own youth.

It’s been four decades since Sanders’ wild music and poetry poured out into the streets of the Lower East Side from his bookstore, first located on East 10th Street, then on Avenue A.   Ed’s memoir, Fug You: An Informal History of the Peace Eye Bookstore, the Fuck You Press, the Fugs, and Counterculture in the Lower East Side (Da Capo Press) was recently released. Original lithographs, wildly sexual and Egyptian inspired pages of his magazine, are now on display at Boo Hooray Gallery to further celebrate the legacy he left in the Lower East Side and in the larger arts community.

Morning Reads: Liu’s Mounting Troubles, Opium Den Chic, Jeremy Lin Mural

  • In a move that is causing more than a little unease in Chinatown, Comproller John Liu’s campaign treasurer is arrested on fraud charges (NYT).
  • The Manhattan Bridge bike tour ends Monday (Gothamist).
  • Joe Sheftel prepares to open his Lower East Side gallery (Artinfo).
  • Apartment Porn: take a look at adman Richard Christiansen’s Grand Street loft, which is meant to look as though “Donatella Versace had designed an opium den in Chinatown.” (NYM)
  • Jeremy Lin as Atlas — brought to you by TATS Cru and Bucky Turco (Animal).
  • Really? Have a look at the ridiculously long line for free pancakes (EV Grieve).


Good Morning!

Tuff City, LES

17 Essex Street. Photo by Lois Stavsky.

We’ll see rain showers this morning, followed by a steady rain later in the day, continuing into the evening. Look for a high of 41 and high winds at times.