180 Ludlow Reportedly Sold For $25 Million

Is it a miracle or a mirage? There have been so many conflicting visions for stalled construction site 180 Ludlow over the years, that any news about this troubled project is at least a little bit suspect. But the latest development seems believable: Curbed reports today that Serge Hoyda has finally sold the property to a highly regarded boutique hotel operator for $25 million.

According to the blog post, BD Hotels has apparently taken over at 180 Ludlow.  This morning an EV Grieve reader noted that there seemed to be increased nighttime activity inside the hulking shell sandwiched between “The Ludlow” apartment building and Max Fish. BD Hotels operates the Maritime, Chambers, Greenwich, Jane and Bowery hotels. The sale had been rumored for many months, but it was held up by a lawsuit between Hoyda and the previous owner of the building site.

The headline in the Observer this afternoon reads, “Lower East Side finally getting a half decent boutique hotel.”

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