M21 Bus Stop Moving From FDR Service Road to Grand Street

The M21 currently stops on the FDR Service Road, just north of Grand Street.

It looks like the M21 bus stop, located on the FDR Service Road, is going to be moving around the corner.  The crosstown bus, which was re-routed last year,  travels along Houston Street, connecting the Lower East Side to the West Village.

Earlier this month, Leo Hoenig, chair of the East River Co-op House Committee, asked Community Board 3 to make the change.  He proposed moving the stop , to 473 Grand Street, to improve visibility.  Last night, CB3 approved the change. The MTA said it had no problem moving the stop if that’s what the community wanted to do.

Hoenig said he had been fighting for at least 30 years to bring back Grand Street bus service, after the city and private companies discontinued two east-west routes. Now that service has finally been restored, he wants to make sure residents know the stop is there — and that the M21 gets used.

  • http://www.facebook.com/werner.eric Eric Werner

    Where will it turn north to Houston?

  • http://www.thelodownny.com The Lo-Down

    The route won’t change. It will still turn on Grand, then head north on Lewis/Columbia streets, before getting back on Houston.

  • Anonymous

    And unfortunately it still won’t run on weekends. :(

  • Sendmymailhereonly

    Move to where on Grand St?