Seward Park Co-op Elects Board Members

Seward Park Co-op stretches along Grand Street between Essex and Pitt streets.

The Seward Park Co-op announced the outcome of its annual board of directors election this morning. Four seats were up for grabs. Incumbents Karen Wolfson and Geordan Goldstein were re-elected, while newcomers Harold Aranoff and Brett Leitner claimed the other two seats. Wolfson was the top vote-getter, with 481 votes. Aranoff came in second, with 455. Goldstein placed third with 454 votes, and Leitner fourth, with 410.

Long-time incumbent Eric Mandelbaum, who supported a slate of himself, Wolfson, Goldstein and Aranoff, lost his seat. He finished fifth with 395 votes.

Outgoing board president Margarett Jolly did not run for re-election.