Laughter and Adventure For All in This Week’s Midnight Movie at The Sunshine

Buttercup & Westley prepare to face the Rodents of Unusual Size (ROUS) via

The Midnight Movie at The Sunshine offers up fun for the whole family this weekend with everybody’s favorite fairy tale (and comedy/adventure), The Princess Bride. Perhaps one of the most quoted films of all time, director Rob Reiner expertly mans the helm of the adaptation of William Goldman’s novel. Silliness and swordsmanship abound in the witty screenplay.  The superb cast features a young Carey Elwes and Robin Wright along with comedy and stage veterans Mandy Patinkin, Peter Falk, Wallace Shawn and Christopher Guest, not to mention fantastic cameos from Billy Crystal, Carol Kane, and Peter Cook. $10 // Friday and Saturday at Midnight // 143 East Houston Street.