Artist Knox Martin Proposes a “Whaling Wall” on Building at 334 Grand Street

Knox Martin’s whalewall rendering for Palazzo Grey building in NYC

Renowned muralist and  painter, Knox Martin, has announced a proposal for his latest public work: He hopes to premier a new mural titled “The Whaling Wall,” at 334 Grand Street (also known as the “Palazzo Grey” building) by the end of May, 2011. Martin is currently raising funds for the work here. The intent of the new work is to raise awareness of the plight of whales, and to promote global peace. The Woodward Gallery on Eldridge St. is curating the project. They write:

This Artwork depicts man’s irresponsible killing of the whales. It is a metaphor for peace and a call for humanity...Artist Knox Martin has envisioned and will donate his painting to the public to raise awareness; Mr & Mrs. Kevin Downey have donated their building’s exterior wallThe Whaling Wall Mural requires approximately $50,000 USD to complete. Please donate as little or as much as you can to this public mural project. You will be participating in a global effort to save the whales and in turn make a stand for peace.

Martin previously taught at the Yale Graduate School of Art and NYU.  He currently teaches a master class at The Art Students League of New York.

6 comments to Artist Knox Martin Proposes a “Whaling Wall” on Building at 334 Grand Street

  • Esther

    What a wonderful public art project.
    Thank you Knox Martin!

  • Fred

    Can’t wait to see the Whaling Wall by Knox Martin!

  • Joey

    Oh my god, I seriously hope this is not for real. Can we donate *against* this wannabe Whale Guernica? Who wants to look at cartoon animals bleeding out every day’? wtf.

  • Susan

    I have always loved Knox Martin’s murals.
    Looking forward to the Whaling Wall.

  • Fan

    This Whaling Wall is the 88 year old Knox Martin’s gift to the world. He intends to bring his message of peace to other sites internationally. This will be the painter’s 5th NYC Public Mural. How lucky we are to have it premiere on the LES?!

  • Viv

    What a wonderful gift to NYC and to the world!
    Thank you Knox Martin!