Follow-up: Plans For a “New Essex Street Market”

To close out the week, yet another update on the Seward Park redevelopment process! Earlier this week, we wrote about the RFP (request for proposals) the NYC Economic Development Corp. issued before hiring architectural firm Beyer Blinder Belle.

One item on the firm’s “to do” list caught our eye: “Provide more specific site planning and 1-2 simple renderings for the layout of a new Essex Street Market, likely to be located on Essex Street between Delancey Street and Broome Street.”

This afternoon, we have a statement from the EDC elaborating on this section of the document:

“During Community Board 3’s discussions of the Seward Park Development sites, the possibility of a relocated Essex Street Market was addressed. As such, site plans for a potentially relocated Essex Street Market were included in the scope of work for the urban design consultant. This is no way means that we have made a decision to move Essex Street Market, only that the possibility will continue to be explored and discussed with the Community Board. There still are many steps before any development begins. The City is committed to ensuring that the Essex Street Market remains open for business. If the final future development plans for Seward Park include a new market building, we will work with market tenants to ensure that their businesses can function with as little disruption as possible throughout any transition period.”

2 comments to Follow-up: Plans For a “New Essex Street Market”

  • Joseph Hanania

    The historical markets I have seen which work best, including the Reading Terminal Market in downtown Philadelphia and the Grand Central Market in downtown Los Angeles, were rehabbed originals. That way, history and ambiance get incorporated into an improved market. Just throwing a name, such as Essex Street Market, on a new facility does not feel the same. Rather, it is a weak substitute for the original, a Disneyfied version trying to pass off as the real thing.

  • Anonymous

    There is a good plans for a New Essex Street Market. It is important to do a redevelopment of the street market after some period of time. The development give the new fresh look to the market.

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