Smoking Ban a Profiling Tool?, More on High Rise Fire, Condo Prices Slip

  • City Council approves outdoor smoking ban. Councilmember Rosie Mendez says: “My experience and my fear is that (the police) will use this as a pretext to stop our young men of color who they already profile and use this to find some kind of criminal charges to charge them with.” (NY1)
  • More on yesterday’s fire at Masaryk Towers — and the hero neighbor who rescued an elderly woman from the flames (Post).
  • A source tells the Times Sheldon Silver might be willing to back at least parts of the mayor’s pension overhaul plan (NYT).
  • Condo prices dropped in the EV/LES late last year (more than any other Manhattan neighborhood). The average was $1,031 per square foot, down 11.5% in November over October (Housing Wire).
  • One woman’s battle to save 35 Cooper Square (Jeremiah).