Mystery Man Defends Woman Being Attacked in East Brodway Train Station

In today’s Daily News, a 39-year old Lower East Side woman (an off-duty MTA employee) recounts a harrowing ordeal that unfolded in the East Broadway subway station Friday evening. At around 6pm, Sabrina Scott was waiting on the subway platform for a train to the Bronx. Suddenly a middle-aged man came after her, chasing Scott around a stairwell.

A good samaritan came to her defense and began “tangling with the attacker.”  But the man managed to punch Scott in the head and, during the altercation, the men bumped into Scott, pushing her onto the tracks and knocking her unconscious. Scott’s defender apparently “pulled her from the subway bed and vanished.”

Today she’s resting comfortably at Bellevue Hospital, recovering from a “concussion, a dislocated thumb, a deep gash on her head and a severely bruised left leg.” Police are looking for the attacker, who they describe as an Hispanic man with a clean shaven face and head.

Scott and her family hope the good samaritan (a tall black man wearing headphones and a ballcap) comes forward. Scott’s sister told the News, “We’d like to thank him personally and take him out to dinner.”