Food Wire: Bowery Beef, Gaia Cafe, Beauty & Essex

Beauty & Essex.

In Lower East Side food news:

  • EV Grieve and the Village Voice have the (rather amusing) scoop on Bowery Beef, the new restaurant opening in the Bowery Poetry Club next week.
  • The Voice profiles Gaia, an Italian cafe that just opened on East Houston.
  • Metromix sizes up Beauty & Essex: “Every neighborhood has to grow up. Beauty & Essex is the kind of place you can bring your best client or your uptown arm candy to, without feeling like you’re betraying the neighborhood’s soul.”
  • Bowery Boogie hears Andy ‘n’ Bao, the latest Michael Huynh concept at 154 Orchard, should be opening in a couple of weeks.

1 comment to Food Wire: Bowery Beef, Gaia Cafe, Beauty & Essex

  • Kjordan882000

    Just tried Bowery Beef, and it is most excellent. In fact, it’s sooo good, all other roast beef sandwiches pale by comparision. The beef just melts in your mouth, and the sauce must have been made by angels, and the bread is dreamy soft. I’m craving one now as I write this. They’re so good, it’s addicting. And don’t forget to try the Bosco soda too. It’s waaaaay better than I imagined.