CB3 Votes Down Automatic Transfer of Liquor Licenses

Later today, we’ll have a detailed report on Community Board 3’s decision last night regarding the automatic transfer of liquor licenses from one operator to another.  Last week, at the urging of bar owners serving on the board, a CB3 committee decided to make the longstanding practice official policy. But in the course of yesterday’s dramatic meeting that decision was reversed.

Some committee members said they felt intimidated and/or confused during last week’s contentious meeting laying out the new policies and had decided to change their votes during the full board session.

Two members, Ariel Palitz and Meghan Joye (both bar owners) chose not to vote, after they were told they could face “conflict of interest” complaints if they weighed in on the controversial matter.

In the end, CB3 approved sweeping new policies affecting every aspect of the liquor license approval process. More later.

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