Eddie Huang Closes Xiao Ye After Four Loko Controversy

So much for Xiao Ye. Eater reports that Eddie Huang’s new restaurant on Orchard Street is shutting down, in the wake of the big all-you-can-drink Four Loko catastrophe.  A few nights after the event, the State Liquor Authority raided the restaurant, destroying the caffeinated malt liquor concoctions. But Eddie says that was not the end of it. The SLA has apparently been targeting Xiao Ye for underage drinking, fining the restaurant on three separate occasions. The liquor license has not been pulled, but it looks like the state was moving in that direction. Eddie tells Eater he’s clearing out 198 Orchard today. Some new projects are on the horizon. But for the moment, Eddie will be focusing on his first restaurant, Baohaus.