Good Morning: Rezoning Approved, Recalling Tony Curtis’ LES Roots, Devouring the News

It’s not so bad out right now, but the forecasters warn our weather is going to go downhill fast today. Heavy rain and high winds (gusts to 60mph) expected this afternoon, into tomorrow.  Looks for a high of 74 degrees and 90 percent humidity!

In the news, the Department of City Planning has approved the rezoning of eight blocks along 3rd and 4th Avenues, “helping to extend the continued protections of this vibrant area’s neighborhood character while also promoting the very strong local and citywide need for affordable housing.”

Other headlines: Capital NY profiles Alicia Hurley, NYU’s chief community ambassador, who has the unenviable task of making nice with a neighborhood enraged about the school’s thirst for development.  New York City’s election chief blames the media for blowing primary day poll problems out of proportion, and he’s not so thrilled with Mike Bloomberg, either.  The Times remembers actor Tony Curtis, who died yesterday at the age of 85, noting his time spent on the Lower East Side as a student at Seward Park High School.

Also in the Times, a not so flattering review of the play, “Now Circa Then,” whose main characters are “tour guides and re-enactors at at a tenement museum on the Lower East Side.”  CNN takes a look at the New Museum’s latest show, “The Last Newspaper,” in which a guy eats the Wall Street Journal (we’ll have more on the show next week).

Gamma Blog shot video of a pipe replacement job on Houston Street (more interesting than it sounds)!

This afternoon, the Chinatown Working Group convenes in an effort to get the 50-member organization back on track. And tonight photographer Rick Cary’s new exhibition opens at the Abrons Arts Center. You can see more upcoming events on our Lower East Side Calendar.