Grand Street Moderates Raise Their Voices on SPURA

As Community Board 3 tries to reach a consensus on the future of the Seward Park Urban Renewal Area, a new group has emerged on Grand Street, calling for compromise. Here’s their flyer:

If you’re having trouble reading the fine print, here are the salient points: the group is called Sustainable Housing & Retail Expansion (SHARE). It was created by residents in the Seward Park Cooperative, but they hope lots of other people on Grand Street will join in. The flyer reads: “SHARE advocates for mixed use of this land – a combination of market rate housing, affordable housing and commercial space – to help revitalize and modernize this area as both a viable neighborhood and a destination once again.”  If you would like to join their organization, you can send an email to: They’re also urging residents to come to tomorrow night’s SPURA Task Force meeting, at P.S. 124, 40 Division Street, at 6:30pm.