Little Theatre Wraps Up Season at Dixon Place Tonight

Little Theatre, a monthly presentation of new theater, dance, performance & media, curated by Jeffrey M. Jones & Mike Taylor, is wrapping up it’s current season (it’s tenth) at Dixon Place tonight at 8pm. The evening’s scheduled performances include: Symposium on Slippage through Time’s Coarse Grasp - written and performed by Laylage Courie, Hope! Change! Blah: written and directed by Ben Gassman, with Eliza Bent, new work by Beth Kurkjian, three songs from The Unfortunate Squirrel by Sonya Sobieski, Crossing the Cow Field or An Ode to Inertia, written by Valerie Work, directed by Meghan Finn. // $15, $12 for students & seniors // 161 Chrystie Street // 8p.