Alejandro Cardenas “NARCOMEDUSA” at James Fuentes LLC

Based around the Narcomedusa, a deep sea jellyfish, Alejandro Cardenas‘ show of the same name, “NARCOMEDUSA,” will open tonight  at the James Fuentes LLC gallery ( 35 St. James Place). After tonight, James Fuentes LLC will re-open, as it has presently only been available through appointment only. The press release, gives a more in-depth description of  the Narcomedusa jellyfish: “found in the darkest depths of the Pacific Ocean.  Two thousand feet below sea level, it lives its entire life in total darkness, floating elegantly in pressures that could crush a human skull.  It feeds passively, as small animals stumble into its tentacles and are slowly digested in its translucent stomach.” Mr. Cardenas’ paintings end up resembling sea creatures caught in an explorer’s spotlights and are described as “looking for the image within the randomness.” Cardenas is also the art director at Proenza Schouler,  and the New York Times Style Magazine has recently created a profile on him as “an emerging tastemaker”  where he admits  his love of Swiss Apricot yogurt and the band My Bloody Valentine.