Essex Street Market Report


It's Tuesday. That means we headed over to the Essex Street Market for a look at what's new and interesting this week.

  • Saxelby Cheesemongers has a delicious new arrival. Mettowee, a fresh, creamy goat's milk chevre from Consider Bardwell Farm in Vermont. Good with strawberries and champagne, or nice sprinkled in a salad. $6.99/pound.
  • The Tra La La Bakery recommends their "Into the Woods" blackberry muffins. Muffin baker Ronald says chefs have unsuccessfully begged him to reveal the secret ingredients. $3.00 each.
  • Over at Roni-Sue Chocolates, the "anti-matter" caramel walnut chews are back after a one-year absence. They're the exact opposites of the buttercrunch- the walnuts embedded on the inside. $1.50 for a single piece or $26/per pound.

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