16mm Film Screening: Los Sures

Seward Park Library

192 East Broadway
New York, NY 10002

A portrait of what was once one of New York City's poorest neighborhoods, the primarily
Hispanic section of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, known as "Los Sures." The film examines the lives
of five Puerto Rican residents of the area: Tito, a 20-year-old who supports his wife and child
by stealing and stripping cars; Marta, a single mother struggling to raise her five children on
welfare; Ana Maria, an older woman who raised seven children in Los Sures and who relies on
her belief in spiritualism to sustain her; Cuso, a 42-year-old self-employed construction
worker; and Evelyn, a single mother of two who is employed as a social worker with the
National Congress of Neighborhood Women, a community-based organization.

Wednesday, 12 August, 2020


Andrew Fairweather

Phone: 212-477-6770
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