Cyberattack, Eli Musser, Wool Sucker, Tin Fingers, Simon Garrett


25 Avenue A
New York, NY 10009

Cyberattack @ 8:00 PM

A brand-new Cyberattack single is coming out the night of this concert: "Fantasy Killer," a song about middle school�"type feelings and turmoil. Come to the show to get a FREE deluxe edition of the song via email, in a complicated process including QR codes, floppy disks, glitchy indie rock, classic emotional whatevers, guitar bullshit, and crowd work by Ivan Anderson.

The bill also includes performances from the extended Cyber family: quirky art rock from Simon Garrett, Tin Fingers, and Eli Musser.

“Ivan Anderson is a genius and Geoff Stanfield is a producer of the highest praise. This is the best.”
�"Modern Music Maker

"Cyberattack’s inventive approach to retro synth-pop provides satisfying doses of psychedelia, dancehall fun, and melodic memorability."
�"Hot Lunch Music

"Everything about this sticks with you: happy-go-lucky synths, infectious melodies, and buoyant guitars.”
�"Yack Magazine

Wool Sucker @ 9:00 PM

Women walk on butterfly wings, potholes sprout mouths full of broken teeth, and devils dance at the crossroads �"and if you don’t see them, maybe you’re just not looking hard enough. New York-based surreal rock band Wool Sucker brings small, strange stories to uneasy life in tunes ranging from experimental grunge to classic Americana.

Press for Plastic Wings (debut album):

“It burrows its insistent claws into your brain and won't let go” - Paste Magazine

“An alt-rock meets alienated Americana masterpiece” - Born Music

“…if the world is ending, you’ll want Wool Sucker, Ryemaggedon, and a little magic on your side.” - Brown Girl Magazine

Thursday, 12 December, 2019


Alex Minier

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