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One Art Space, 23 Warren Street, NY NY 10007


One Art Space will be shaking up the commodification of the LGBTQ+community for the 50th Anniversary on Pride week with it's charity-focused star-studded art show "OUTlines."

Exhibition: June 23rd – June 27th, 2019
Exhibition Hours: Sunday, June 23rd  1 to 5 pm,  Monday to Thursday 11:30 to 6:00 pm and
Opening Reception: Thursday 6:00 to 9:00 pm

The show features the work of street graffiti pioneer Albert "Al" Diaz; photo legend Adrian Buckmaster; rising photographer Lanee Bird; music icon Gavin Rayna Russom of LCD Soundsystem and Black Meteoric Star; two-time Radio City Music Hall composer Zachery Allan Starkey; Brooklyn Techno-Scene talent Julia "The Oracle" Sinelnikovaand Elite model Carmen Julia Duran Garcia and 27 other U.S. and international artists.

Partial proceeds for the show will go to CPC-Project Reach, a youth and adult, LGBTQ+, POC-run, multiracial, multi-gender, grassroots, anti-discrimination, training and drop-in center.

Curator Furusho von Puttkammer said the show aims to refocus art's representation of the "other."

"You see the effect in nightclubs, in the DIY spaces, in the gentrified streets of Brooklyn," she said. "It spreads through the underground like a virus. No longer are we queers outcasts, forced to blend into the vibrating populace of a city too busy to care to notice us. We have become fashionable, a trend that clothing companies and dating apps can cash in too. The history of our community as queer, as artists, as New Yorkers, is being lost in a heaping, rotting mess of body hair photography, lingerie performance art, and an over-emphasis on labels."

Assistant curator Rob Redding said that this is an important show giving a voice to many who are overlooked from both the past and present.

OUTlines acts as a catalyst to inject sincerity into queerness.

von Puttkammer is an American painter and performance artist who has been active in the NYC art scene for the past five years. Using her alter- ego, a bald and expressive cartoon-inspired character named Anchovy, von Puttkammer presents her anxieties and frustrations concerning art, history, sexuality, human connection, and the facets of identity through oil painting and mime-like movement. von Puttkammer's paintings and performances have been featured in over 20+ shows and magazines both in New York and internationally.

Redding is an American painter, performance artist, language artist, and professor.

More on the gallery One Art Space Since 2011, One Art Space has been fortunate to host talent from a wide range of contemporary art. They curate and supporting diverse production venues.


Gavin Rayna Russom, Adrian Buckmaster,  Al Diaz, Lanee Bird, Zachery Allan Starkey, Luis Nieto Dickens, Julia Sinelnikova, Morgan Gwenwald on behalf ofThe Lesbian Herstory Archives, Robert Hickerson, Steve West on behalf of Terry Ellis, Furusho von Puttkammer, Jolly Proffittt, Gili Levinson, Day Magee, Lanny Xiuzhu Li, Carmen Julia Duran, Rob Redding, Ziqing Nie, Texas and Glory, Maria Gouta, Ari Kent, Chelsea Rust, Matteo Trisolini, Timothy D. French, M. Winterdale, Suley Rzayev, Tiara Nelson, Alex Arcarnas, Jenny Chiang, Cassie Reeder, John Rohrer, Mark Zubrovich, Thomas Evans and Logan Benedict

Thursday, 27 June, 2019


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