Histories in Black & White Presents… Professor Karl Jacoby & his book 'The Strange Career of William Ellis The Texas Slave who Became a Mexican Millio

Seward Park Library

192 East Broadway
New York, NY 10002

A black child born on the US-Mexico border in the twilight of slavery, William Ellis inhabited a world divided along ambiguous racial lines. Adopting the name Guillermo Eliseo, he passed as Mexican, transcending racial lines to become fabulously wealthy as a Wall Street banker, diplomat, and owner of scores of mines and haciendas south of the border. 


Histories in Black and White features authors-fiction and non-fiction, poets and playwrights-speaking about their books.  Their work exposes little known histories or too often marginalized communities to a broad audience. The program seeks to build bridges, enhance understanding and mutual respect.

Wednesday, 05 June, 2019


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