PowerPoint Happy Hour: An Experiment in Improv

The Living Gallery Outpost

246 East 4th street
New York, NY 10009

Powerpoint HappyHour is when you get drunk and try to explain other people's PowerPoint slides. Each person who is randomly selected will get a PowerPoint and 7-10 minutes to present as they see fit.

The best presentation will win "The Ultimate Bullshitter Award"

Wine + improvised PowerPoint = FUN

$10 at the door includes wine.

Do you know how to tell a good story?
Are you great at sales?
What about public speaking?
Dare I mention improv?
What about drinking and having a laugh? Okay, now we're cooking!

Deets for the evening:

  1. Show up

  2. Put your name in a hat

  3. Drink

  4. Mingle

  5. Drink more

  6. Listen intently for the announcement of who is randomly chosen to present a never before seen PPT

  7. Enjoy watching your fellow human work their way through a PPT, attempting some level of intelligibility and cohesion with a deck that may very well simply be nonsense.

  8. We vote on a winner (who will return next time to defend their title!)

  9. Clap

  10. Leave

Deets for submitting a PPT for consideration:

  1. 7 slides max with a mix of Images, Infographics, Statistics, etc.

  2. Give that sucker at title!

    1. Ex. Bear Races in the Mojave Desert, How to manage too many children and not enough will to survive, My orange obsession, etc.

  3. Deck must be created in Google Drive PPT platform

  4. All submissions must be received by November 7th tohello@energizeyourvoice.net

Tuesday, 14 November, 2017


Alexandria Hodgkins

Phone: 9292142520
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