The Living Gallery Outpost

246 East 4th street
New York, NY 10009

ARTPROV comedy pairs up with the Living Gallery to kick off the exciting new space in NYC's East Village. Improvisers create new songs and scenes on the spot inspired by the gallery of work on the wall, while a special guest artist creates a new piece based on the scenes based on their paintings. . An artistic circle of life. Comics form UCB and The PIT will have you on the floor with their quick wit and you may have a chance to perform as well as we use our amazing audiences to create with us! With Rory Scholl, Jason Specland, Lee Alan Barett, Maggie Lalley, Jamie Cummings and Tracy Mull. With Dan Reitz on the piano and live art by Michael Serafino.

Tickets include one complimentary adult beverage

The Living Gallery Outpost is dedicated to supporting the arts through learning and communication in lower Manhattan.

The Living Gallery Outpost celebrates emerging and established artists and creators by maintaining an affordable space for artists, supportive programming and community events. We believe that through art and communication love and peace emerge. We seek to create a non-competitive and welcoming environment, where everyone feels equal and celebrated.

Thursday, 14 September, 2017


Rory Scholl


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