Family Recipe opened in 2011 to much praise for its homestyle Japanese cooking.

LES Bites: Family Recipe, Sauce, Gaia, Meatball Shop, Knishery NYC

Family Recipe on Eldridge Street is getting some blog love this week.

Some mid-week restaurant news around the neighborhood:

Examining the vegan and vegetarian …

Knishery NYC

Knishery NYC: A Modern Twist on an Ancient Street Food

A selection of knishes from Knishery NYC; the one on the right is chocolate hazelnut cheese.

Knishes arrived on the streets of the Lower …

APL on Orchard

LES Bites: Orchard House, Forcella, Knish NYC

APL is becoming Orchard House.

Here’s your Friday afternoon Lower East Sde food/restaurant roundup:

APL, 146 Orchard Street, is being re-branded. Grub Street has …

hester street fair 3

Checking in With the Locals at the Hester Street Fair

It was a nearly perfect fall weekend — ideal conditions for several community events, including yesterday’s Grub Street Food Festival at the Hester Street …


Kickstarter Campaign Launched For Knish-Mobile

Noah’s already got the cargo bike, but it hasn’t yet been knish-customized.

Last year at about this time we told you about a fledgling …

Chef Wylie Dufresne announced today that he's closing wd-50 in five months. Photo by Talia Herman.

LES Bites: WD-50 Blows Up Menu, Mary Queen of Scots Closes, Knishes on East Broadway

Photo credit: Chef Wylie Dufresne (Talia Herman).

Today’s Lower East Side food news:

On May 10th Wylie Dufresne (the man who made Clinton Street …

Knishes from Knishery NYC.

Thanksgiving Approaches: Feed Yourself and Help Others Eat

Knishes from Knishery NYC.

America’s annual celebration of gastronomic indulgences is quickly approaching. If your holiday traditions don’t tend toward the homemade, our neighborhood …

After much anticipation, Veselka Bowery opens tomorrow night.

LES Bites: Veselka Bowery, Forcella, Masala Wala, Sesame Pancakes, Selling Dog Meat (or not)

After much anticipation, Veselka Bowery opens tomorrow night.

Some food headlines from around the neighborhood:

Veselka Bowery plans to actually, finally open tomorrow. (Facebook) …

Knishery NYC

A Knish Crisis: What’s a Guy to Do? Give ‘Em Away!

Earlier this month, we featured Knishery NYC, a new venture reinterpreting a Lower East Side classic. Noah Wildman, a Lower East Side resident, planned …

essential les

Essential Lower East Side: The Small Business Guide For Locals

This week we’re rolling out our Essential LES Guide both online and in our print magazine. It’s part of The Lo-Down’s year-long reporting …

Yonah Schimmel, 137 East Houston; Chin's office helped the longtime LES business cope with its street construction woes.

101-Year Old Yonah Schimmel Endangered by East Houston Reconstruction

Yonah Schimmel, 137 East Houston. Photo by

Yonah Schimmel, the legendary knish shop, has survived the Great Depression, years of gentrification and many …